Digital Literacy Portfolio

Adam Crespi

April 29th


English Assignment 1:

ZIP Reflection Blog Post/Project



  1. My ZIP project this year was a great opportunity to practice the skills I have learned in research and gathering information in the digital space. For my ZIP inquiry this year I hoped to answer the question ‘how mood is created in photography’. To do this I had utilize the digital space for both the research and for the editing of my photos. I conducted research from many different sources which I synthesized into my final project. To edit my photos I used the digital tool Adobe Lightroom to help my photos create the most effective mood possible.



Student represents learning and knowledge in a creative and engaging way

As a major part of creating mood in photography comes from not only the photo but what is in the same environment as the photo (fonts, formatting), I had to put in effort to fully engage the reader for the best results. I spent many hours simply compiling the final product in Pages until I was finally happy with it. Although it might not be immediately visible, each photo with writing is creatively designed in a specific way to invoke certain moods which I have learned techniques for from research.

Student chooses the most effective medium to represent their learning

To represent my learning in this project I originally had the idea to have two separate product photos and to ask the audience which was more attractive to purchase. I am happy that I moved past this idea and decided to create the format I did, which ended up showing my learning far better. By using photos and written pieces I was able to paint a much better picture of the mood I was trying to present. Using both mediums also allowed me to combine aspects of research and apply them to a single mood which was challenging and fun.

Student proactively uses devices or services to plan and execute assignment

In this assignment I proactively used a personal Google calendar to keep on track with my inquiry project. By setting goals and personal due dates in the beginning I was able to finish my project on time with ease and I had plenty of time for revisions. To execute the final product of my assignment I used a variety of software and tools in tandem. I used Lightroom to edit my photos, Word to type up paragraphs, pages to design and online repositories for research.


English Assignment 2:

Puck Character Analysis

PUCK Group Document

  1. To analyze the character Puck from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Nights Dream we worked in a group of three and split the work into sections. For the assignment we were required to collaborate and work together to answer six questions about the character Puck. We did this through the use of Word Online where our entire group could amalgamate and work together on our paragraphs. Word Online allowed all of to read and check over other group members work.


Student utilizes device to effectively collaborate

To efficiently collaborate on a set of written paragraphs Microsoft Word Online was an amazing help. With Word we could easily do our individual paragraphs and then build off of eachother for further depth. By using three minds instead of one on a document, we were able to go into three times the depth. For example, the final paragraph takes ideas from earlier paragraphs to create a more powerful image for the reader.

Student constructively builds upon or synthesizes the contributions of others

In this assignment as we worked on a group document we were able to take inspiration and ideas from other group members. For the last few paragraphs this was especially important as the question required synthesizing information about the character. This was made far easier  by a group document where you could simply scroll up for ideas. A group document also allowed us the build upon each others contributions. With Word Online we could easily make any edits or build upon sentences of others that needed improvement.

Work demonstrates an understanding of audience in representation and presentation of learning

The purpose of this assignment was to teach other classmates about our character and because of this we had to structure our paragraphs in specific ways. The final presentation of the paragraphs was on a poster that is still on display in Mr Morris’ classroom. As this poster was designed for our classmates and their use in future assignments we had to ensure the information was clear and simple to save time and effort in the future. Our group understood that our classmates would rather read a shorter well structured paragraph over a long block of text.


Socials Assignment 1:

Current Events

article #1

article #2

A Continuing Immigration Crisis Powerpoint

  1. For TALONS Socials 9 every student is required to teach a 40 minute impartial lesson on a current event that has occured in the past week. For our event Joon and I decided to inform the class about the asylum crisis at the US-Mexico border. For an effective presentation Joon and I utilized the digital environment to collaborate on a script, create a Powerpoint, research our issue, and prepare our articles.


Reflection includes discussion of ‘bias’ found in each research source

A major part of this assignment involved being impartial and because of this we had to discuss bias found in the articles and research the author’s worldview. This can be seen on slides 8, 9, and 10 where we presented our research on how the authors individuality could change the bias of the article. On those slides we also discussed the political biases that both news websites were found to possess. From online research we were able to find the Breitbard was a far right news network and that the NYT are left leaning.

Research explores diverse perspectives of an issue, and the project addresses the complexity of the topic

As another major part of our assignment we were required to find two articles with varying perspectives. The far right article from Breitbart and the left leaning article from NYT were a great contrast for this. Comparing two articles with very different political perspectives allowed us to isolate the political ideologies and beliefs on the asylum issue.

The project reflects a respectful worldview

To accurately report on the asylum crisis occurring at the US-Mexico border, Joon and I had to remain impartial and aware of the issues controversiality. As teachers we were responsible for maintaining civil discussion and not taking any sides. For this issue especially we had to report simply on the facts and allow students to make their own decisions. Joon and I discussed a sensitive issue in a respectful way that encouraged students to speak rather than feel attacked.



Science Assignment 1:

Purple Shore Crab Research Project

purple shore crab science

  1. To gather information about Hemigrapsus nudus I conducted many online sources and condensed the information I researched into an easy to understand text-book style page. Using sites such as World Book and search engines I searched for articles and studies on the Purple Shore crab which I then C.R.A.P tested myself. All citations follow the MLA format as of October 2018.


Project gives credit to all research sources, including images

This science assignment was a research assignment and because of that I was required to cite every source. For science it is important that we record the sources of all information as our research should be traceable and repeatable by other scientists. In this assignment I made sure to cite all my sources for research as well as images. 

All research consulted is notated in a Works Cited or Bibliography

To record which sites I gathered information from, I formed a Bibliography in the MLA format. Using Owl Purdue I was able to check current MLA rules which I could then follow in creating my citations. My final Bibliography is sorted alphabetically and can be found at the bottom or on the separate document provided.

C.R.A.P Checklist consistently completed for all research sources

For all of my important research sources I completed the C.R.A.P checklist. For each scholarly article or website I first checked the date for currency. I then looked for inconsistencies with other articles I’d found from research. After that I searched for the author and their credibility and then for any bias in the article. I also put thought into whether the article had any purpose other than for information. I consistently completed this for all sources.



Science Assignment 2:

Adam, Kellen, Jasmine Max, Factors Affecting Reaction Rate

Reaction Rate Lab

  1. For this science assignment, we were required to work in groups of four people to determine what factors affect reaction rate. We had to conduct 4 experiments in our group all of which measured different factors, such as heat or stirring, that could change the speed of a reaction. Before the lab we had to create our own experiment and lab procedure report that outlined what we should do on the day of the lab.


Student is actively involved in the planning process

Before the lab my group and I were responsible of creating and planning an experiment to measure a specific variable factor that affects reaction rate. I chose to measure temperature and had to create an experiment and procedure to measure this. I planned it all out beforehand as well as creating tables and graphs to make the single day we had for the experiment run as smoothly as possible.

Any interactions with others are positive and productive

As we only had one lab day to perform our experiments teamwork was required. My group and I worked together and collaborated to ensure that we could each complete our experiments in the fastest time possible. The faster we finished our experiments the more time we had to write group conclusions and finalize our lab before handing it in. After we finished gathering data each group member picked a specific aspect to check over on our groups document. This teamwork allowed our final report to be as clean and detailed as possible.

Student utilizes device to effectively collaborate

To collaborate on eachothers experiments and reports we used Word Online as an environment to work on one document together. Word Online allowed us to easily check over and proofread each others work as well as easily input graphs and tables into our report. We also collaborated with other groups documents to understand their results and attempt to integrate them into our reports.