Indepth 2020, Long Distance Running Post #3

Adam Crespi

February 21, 2020


I’ve continued to run three times a week for the past month in training for my races! This includes a long run with the clinic on Sundays (10-13km), my own run and training on Tuesdays (7-10km), and training on Thursdays (interval training, hill work, speed work, etc.). 

In searching for and research runs around the community, I learned that the international standard for marathons is that runners must be over 18 years old. I guess that means my goal of running a marathon is off the table! I am now challenging myself to complete these races and hopefully place well. I have signed up for three different races around Vancouver.


-Shamrock Half Marathon (21km)

-March 15th


-Vancouver Sun Run (10k)

-April 18th


-BMO 8k

-May 4th


As you can see from this, funnily, I am starting with longer races and ending with shorter races! Even though this may seem to be contrary to what seems logical, I hope to challenge myself speed-wise much more on the shorter races: In my half marathon, I am going to be taking it slow and the goal is to finish, in my 10k I hope to achieve a competitive pace, and on my 8k I hope to place top 20. Even though I originally planned to focus on long distance running specifically, I am now hoping to also work on running faster in the middle distances (2km – 10km). In my training, I have discovered that I seem to possess many traits that make me a successful runner in this range. My endurance is strong and my tall legs allow me to take long strides. I hope to continue training long distance but I am also now attempting to speed up my times for the 10km mark.

Heatmap FEB 16th

A current heatmap of all my run’s tracked via app. I have been using a tracking app called Strava on my phone to record my runs via GPS.


My relationship with my mentor Paul has been developing as we continue to meet. As I mentioned in my last post, as part of the clinic, I have been talking to many runners and learning from many experts Paul has had come to speak in the clinic. In the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to learn from a professional nutritionist and two footwear experts.

I have also begun developing friendships within my running pace group. One of the leaders of the group, John, has been especially helpful and kind to me. John has been running for years and he has shared many of his running experiences with me. Running is such an amazing way to meet new people and although I have only ran with John four times, we have already developed a friendship to the point of making fun of eachother, usually for me being young and him being old Throughout my in depth project so far, I have been learning from a diverse group of people.

However, I recognize the importance of a mentor-mentee relationship and am working my hardest to continue developing this my meeting with Paul 1 on 1. I hope to continue meeting with Paul once every 2-3 weeks and I have a meeting planned to talk to him about nutrition and race-prep next Sunday!



  1. What factors affected your ability to interact effectively?

The greatest factors currently impeding my ability to interact effectively with Paul are the limited and distracted time we have to meet, and the environment. Firstly, as Paul is such an active community member, business owner and father, he is often extremely busy, making it difficult to find meeting times. For all of our meetings so far, I have simply come into the Runners Den during quiet store hours. This means my meetings with Paul often get interrupted by other people coming into the Den. As Paul is such a social community member, our conversation often gets broken up for a few minutes at a time. Throughout our last meeting we were interrupted 2-3 times and I was left sort of just standing there while he was talking to someone else. I do not blame Paul for this, as the opportunity of having such a skilled mentor is rare and I value any of his time As Paul also runs many times throughout the week with the clinics he runs, there is no time for us to meet outside the store.


  1. What three strategies could improve the quality of your mentoring interactions?

One strategy I can use to tackle these issues with the environment in which we meet, is to attempt to organize meetings with Paul somewhere else. Going on runs or meeting somewhere else with Paul would allow me to have a longer 1 on 1 conversation with him. Running with Paul would give me a great opportunity to ask questions and to learn , as I find running clears my head and keeps me focused.

A second strategy I can use to decrease the distractions could be to engage with Paul more fully in conversation. As many people walk into the store and simply start talking to Paul when they see he is only speaking to me, I can infer that those people are assuming Paul isn’t really ‘busy’. By fully engaging Paul with questions and getting more attention, I could discourage interruptions.

The third strategy I can use to improve the quality of my mentoring interactions could be to focus on my listening skills and maintaining a conversation. During our meetings there are often short periods of silence and the overall conversation can sometimes become very slow. To combat this, I hope to get Paul more engaged with the conversation which could lead to more passionate mentorship and learning.


  1. What is the action plan for implementing each of the three strategies?

I hope to implement these strategies as soon as possible. I will implement the first strategy by talking to Paul about meeting somewhere else. By discussing this with Paul during our next meeting I will hopefully be able to find a solution that works for both of us.

For the second strategy, I hope to be extra prepared with many questions and topics to discuss for my next meeting. By being prepared I will be able to ask more questions and go further in depth on topics that pique my interest. Overall, by maintaining a more engaging conversation with Paul, I can ensure that we are both committed to learning from each other.

I can apply my third strategy in a similar fashion to my second strategy. By coming prepared both mentally for speaking with Paul and bringing a list of questions and topics to our meetings, I will be able to better hold an intriguing conversation. I hope to prepare a list of questions for my meeting this Sunday.



A running waist belt for storing water, my phone, and snacks. I made it through modifying an old waistpack I found around my house.


I have also been influenced to join the Gleneagle Track team from advice from some of the runners in my pace group and my gym teacher, Mr Tustin. 


I hope to talk to Ms Demonte next week!

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