Indepth 2020, Long Distance Running Post #1

Long Distance Running

Adam Crespi

January 11th, 2020


For my In Depth project this year, I have chosen to focus on long distance running. Throughout, I hope to improve both in my running ability and knowledge of the skills it takes to be an effective long distance runner. I chose long distance running as my in depth this year as it has caught my interest as an amazing hobby to develop young. With weekly runs I can build muscle and improve the health of my body and heart. Running is also a hobby I can continue into my elder years to maintain my health. With my soccer organization only including people under the age of 18, I want to have other ways to stay fit.

In my project, I have already begun reading some running literature and researching about some of the different types of running shoes. There are three main types of foot arches: neutral, flat, and high. An effective pair of running shoes must match your arch type. For neutral arches this means stability shoes. Stability shoes are essentially normal shoes. For flat arches one must get motion controlled shoes. Motion controlled shoes allow individuals with flatter arches and thus have their feet moving and sliding more, to have control over their feet’s motion. If you have a high arch you require cushioning shoes which are often more flexible and help reduce the greater impact created by higher arched feet. Before I purchase my first pair of runners, I am going to need to find out my foot type. I hope to discuss this with my mentor, Paul Slaymaker.



The book I am reading


Tomorrow, I am going to have my first meeting with Paul! I am meeting him at 2:00pm at the Runners Den to talk about shoes. Paul has also graciously offered to let me join in his half marathon/full marathon training program free of charge, and tomorrow I will discuss with him the details of this. If I am able to join the program I will be able to train twice weekly with a group of local runners. This will be amazing for building connections in the community! 

Paul is an amazing runner and although I have been reassured he is a kind individual, I can’t help but be nervous to learn from such a talented individual. Paul has raced in marathons and 50k’s all across the world and ran a few 100 kilometre races! My mother has also told me is just off 7 feet tall!

I’m both excited and nervous to meet him tomorrow!

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