Career Ed Biochemical Engineer Education Research Project

Adam Crespi                                                                                                                                  10/15

Biochemical Engineer 

*Tuition costs are only for the masters program years, all discussed masters programs have prerequisites that require more time in university



Local = UBC – Masters Program

Prereq – You should have taken an introductory Biochemistry course, an introductory Biochemistry laboratory course, and at least two advanced Biochemistry courses.

At the minimum, you should hold or be in the process of completing a four year science Bachelors of science


$5650 a year ($22,600 – $33,900 total)


Optional coop for an extra 12-15 months of lab experience

Graduate Programs

Extra courses as apart of the masters program

Thesis and thesis defence

Must be in the process (or finished) completing a bachelors science



4-6 years

Finishing a bachelors of science and completing the 2 year masters program

Can be done somewhat simultaneously

Thesis development and preparation to defend


31st ranked worldwide according to

2nd in Canada


Outside BC, Inside Canada = Mcgill University Masters Program


Students are encouraged to provide documentation at the time they apply to demonstrate that they have completed previous course work equivalent to McGill’s BIOC 450 (Protein Structure and Function) and BIOC 454 (Nucleic Acids)

-1-2 years to complete these prerequisites


$7400 a year ($29,600 – $37,000 total)

Structure (coop)

No Coop options

Optional fast tracking into a PHD of biochemistry

Graduate Program

45 credits for masters degree

39 thesis courses

6 other optional courses

3 years total


One year of seminar attendance is required

Students interested in promoting (fast-track) to the Ph.D. program present the Junior Seminar to the Department in second year

M.Sc. degree is to be completed by the end of year 3

Oral thesis presentation


43rd best biochemistry program worldwide

3rd best in Canada for biochemistry

Worldwide = Cambridge Mphil Certification in Biological Science

And Cambridge Masters Program



-must already have a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry or a related field


must be undergoing an undergraduate degree


$47125.54 a year (international student cost/tuition) ($47,125 – $94,251 total)



-Students work in a research group supervised by a director

-No examined course work

-Students write a dissertation which is then presented orally

-No grades, only pass or fail


-course work, project work, project dissertations

-only 24 students admitted a year

Graduate Program


-Must have already undergone a UK Honours degree, which is equivalent to a Canadian Bachelors


-Must be currently studying for an undergraduate degree in a related field (bio, genetics, chem, physics) at Cambridge

-they seek wide variety of skills



2 years if taken part time

1 year if taken full time


Taken while undergoing undergraduate degree

3-5 years


6th best school for biochemistry worldwide


Licensing by a provincial organization to practise as a Professional Engineer – 

$1000 plus $400 annually

To become registered as a professional engineer or to obtain a Non-Resident Licence, you must demonstrate that you have a minimum of 4 years of satisfactory engineering work experience. At least one of these years must be gained in a Canadian Environment. If you gain experience in a different discipline from your academic degree, you will need to undergo an academic review and possible interview and/or examinations.


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