12 thoughts on “Adam Crespi TALONS Talk

  1. Hey Adam! Your ted talk was great and very well put together. I really liked how you took your topic and expanded on it to explain how it could affect our world in the future. One thing I think you could have improved on is the length of your project as it doesn’t fit the 5-7 minute criteria but other than that your Ted Talk was great!


    • *Update*
      A question I have about your Ted talk is, do you think that hysterical strength will ever be tested upon? By this mean, do you think there will be other ways to test it in the future that are better? Once again great job on your Ted talk!



  2. Hi Adam!
    Your topic was unique and I learned a lot from your speech. Your gesticulation proved that you were very interested in your topic, which always makes it better to watch. I appreciate your extensive efforts used to edit your video, although I sometimes found the alternating camera angles a little distracting. In future, you could still use this idea but maybe keep the same angle for slightly longer? Anyways, thanks for teaching me some amazing information.


  3. Incredibly well done Adam. You really explained this topic out in detail, I felt that I really understood what you were saying. I also loved you use of pictures and graphs to help explain your topic. One thing it might have been nice to know would be more about what effects using this hysterical strength could have on us, but given your time constraints, I think that the it would not have been worth losing in-depth explanation of the topic for it. Amazing job again


  4. Nice Ted Talk Adam!! I think that you did a great job of making sure that you were clear and to the point in your talk. I also think that the timing of your images and videos flowed well with what you were saying and were well timed. I think that maybe instead of talking about examples for so long, it would have been more beneficial to go deeper into explaining hysterical strength as I was left a little confused. How might hysterical strength be applied in the future? Can we artificially create it?


  5. This TEDtalk was amazing! You were so clear about what you were saying, and you were very knowledgeable about your topic. After watching this, I feel like I have attended an in-depth lecture about hysterical strength. Your images and videos were very good and complementary to your topic. The only thing I wish you had done better was the time. Your TEDtalk was a little long, and even though it was interesting, it was easy to zone out. Otherwise, great job!


    • Also, is there any way to use hysterical strength when not in a life-threatening situation? It would be cool to do some research on trying to find out how much absolute strength you have and how you can use it properly!



  6. Adam, your topic was very interesting! I am so happy I learned more about hysterical strength. I’m wondering how hysterical strength could be manipulated by humans. As well, does hysterical strength affect your maximal strength?


  7. Insightful and fascinating TED Talk Adam; your video was skillfully produced and your talk was well rehearsed. I agree with your points on how epinephrine heightens senses and alertness—I firsthand, like many others, have probably felt a rush of epinephrine during moments of anxiety. Knowing that epinephrine is also the medication administered in EpiPens and similar products, I’m interested in epinephrine’s medical uses, including how its effects can treat high-sensitivity allergic reactions and anaphylaxis. Does the same “hysterical strength” effect epinephrine causes allow the chemical to be used as an adrenaline drug for severe allergic-reaction relief?

    -William Ha


  8. Hey Adam, I thought that your Ted Talk was really well structured and I really liked how you use different camera angles to video your Ted Talk. One question I have however is that can hysterical strength can also occur to animals? If not, is there anything we can do to trigger it?


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