What lasting effects has the Battle of The Plains of Abraham had on Canada?

Adam Crespi

Independent Investigation

May 29th

Link to finished assignment : Adam Crespi Canada Investigation


1. In this sentence I purposely used the word ‘debated” while discussing the Beothuk genocide as it brings up an interesting discussion and bias on censorship of our history. In short summary, the Beothuk peoples were a First Nations group who inhabited the area around Newfoundland. The Beothuk had many interactions with Europeans and were used as slaves for almost a century after the first European landing. By the 1830’s the entire population and all of the Beothuk peoples were reduced to a single woman named Shanawdithit. All of the factors that caused the demise of the Beothuk peoples were caused directly by Europeans, particularly fisherman who forced Beothuk people off the shore inland, where thousands died of starvation. It only got worse for the Beothuk after this as they were then

“systematically hunted with the intent to eradicate all of them from the island” (1)

The Europeans hunted and killed Beothuk people to reduce any competition they had on the island on Newfoundland.

The fact that I have never heard of such atrocities committed by Canada and the lack of information on this subject online,  brings up an interesting question ; What else is the Canadian government attempting to keep quiet about our history? If they are at all. It is understandable that bias intending to keep a global view of Canada positive, affects the availability of this information but it is unacceptable that we are not discussing and looking to apologize for the wrongdoings done on First Nations peoples throughout Canadian history.

  1. https://www.ictinc.ca/blog/aboriginal-peoples-the-beothuk-and-how-european-contact-led-to-their-extinction

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