In-depth Post #5

April 8th

In depth Night doesn’t seem that far away anymore! The last month of my In depth project has been the most productive yet and my project is in full swing. I have met with Ivan twice and both times I learned valuable skills. Our first meeting of March took place around Port Moody’s Shoreline Park where we went to observe the sunset. That day Ivan focused largely on how I was taking photos and what I could personally do to improve. He gave me subjects to photograph and observed what I was doing correct and incorrectly. The greatest takeaway from that meeting was how much I need to work on composing my photos before shooting. I have a habit to simply shoot loads of photos and hope that the composition is viable on one, rather than plan out a proper composition beforehand.

Our second meeting was even better. Ivan brought along his circular polarizer which is an interesting lens filter that allows the camera to cut out reflections on water or glass. We met at Barnet Marine Park at around 6:00 pm and were blessed with a beautiful sunset over downtown. With the great beaches at the park, Ivan taught me all about the polarizer and how turning it creates different images and reduces light. It was my favourite lesson yet!

The meeting at Barnet Marine Park ended up being one of the most fun yet as Ivan and I are becoming even closer friends. Ivan drove me home afterwards and told me a story of staying too late taking photos of the Golden Gate Bridge and becoming locked and stuck inside a parking lot! Getting to know Ivan has become one of my favourite parts of this In depth project and the mentoring process has taught me a lot about working with and learning from people.


This month I have also acquired some new camera gear! I ordered a lens pen, which is an essential device that lets you keep your camera lens clean and clear. Beforehand I was having issues with dust and smudges on my lens which actually ruined a bunch of photos. The brush and pen tip on this lens pen solves all my problems. Another piece of gear I ordered was a lens hood. Lens hoods are a useful tool in keeping unwanted light out of your camera and protecting your photos from ugly lens flare coming in from above. This cheap item has a noticeable impact on all my photos and does a great job in making me look more professional as well.


The reason Ivan and I did not have more meetings this month was due to my travelling! I took a family trip to New Mexico and had the amazing opportunity to practice my fresh skills in a new and exciting desert landscape. I had a great time and took some wonderful photos as well. Here are a few I took.

I can relate to these meetings to A Beautiful Mind with a transcript of a conversation we had at Barnet Marine Park.

*tripods set up facing sunset, taking long exposures with nd filter


Adam – why do you have that black covery thingy over your periscope?

Ivan – ah this is a trick I was going to tell you about. No one told me and I it took me years to figure out

Adam – what is it?

Ivan – when you are taking long exposures and your shutters stays open for longer light can enter your camera through other places

Adam – ohhhhh like the viewfinder? And that’s why it’s covered

Ivan – *nods* exactly. I am covering it to prevent extra light from ruining my shot.

Adam – how could it ruin it?

Ivan – with longer exposures if there is light entering your viewfinder it shows on the shot. I notice a yellowish band across the middle of it.

Adam – thats crazy, I didn’t even know they were connected.

Ivan – it is a skill i learned myself and something that can turn a good shot into a great one.

The Hats

This conversation mostly highlights a white hat mindset. I am asking questions and Ivan is giving me answers in the form of information and hard facts. The yellow band appears because light enters the camera through the viewfinder. I asked questions until all the information was laid out on the table.

In this conversation I also had on the red hat for predicting the reason on why the viewfinder was covered. I used my intuition to anticipate why and asked Ivan if I was correct.


Here is one of the photos I took that meeting


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