Indepth Post #5


Post #4

March 11th

In depth just keeps going! Since the last post I have had two more meetings with my mentor, Ivan Bowers, around Burrard Inlet. Every meeting I have, my In depth just gets more and more fun. In the beginning Ivan was slightly intimidating and I was really nervous ,which slightly hindered my ability to learn. I think Ivan was also slightly nervous as it is his first time mentoring anybody for photography.

Now, I am becoming more comfortable learning from him and he has become an incredible teacher. Last week we focused mostly on gear and I had an amazing time oohing and aahing over all of his gadgets and expensive lenses. This week we finally had a chance to do some shooting together. We walked all around the shoreline trail taking photos of anything interesting.

One new skill that I have been learning and practicing is a technique called back-focusing. Back focusing makes use of the AEL/AEF button to lock and hold focus on a subject allowing you to take multiple shots without having to refocus. Back Focusing is a fairly easy technique to learn and after practicing for a week I’ve wasted far less time getting the perfect focus over and over again.

From the past two meetings I have also taken notes of things I would have never found myself. One super beneficial resource is a mobile application called PhotoPills that acts as the ultimate photography guide. It has a large array of tools ranging from moon phases, golden hour times and sun paths to an augmented reality milky way that lets you find out where the best starts will be ahead of time by using your phone’s camera. Ivan showed me the application on his phone and I hope to buy it for myself.


On the topic of a Beautiful Mind I applied this weeks concepts fluently, specifically perception and the point of view of my mentor Ivan specifically. Photography is a hobby that really changes individual to individual. Different people like different ways of taking photos and they implement different techniques. Because of this, Ivan has a few perceptions and ideas of what photography is, that differ from other peoples. For example, upgrading my camera body rather than buying more other gadgets. Another example is Ivan’s opinion on the lighting midday. All of our sessions have been around the afternoon and Ivan has very strong feelings towards ‘boring’ lighting. Here is a compilation of his comments regarding the midday light.


“This is a really good spot for when it’s actually pretty out”

“The blue sky is just so boring”

“The sky has no texture”

Some photographers are happy with whatever lighting they have and would have been content with a beautiful sunny day, but not Ivan. I feel like I already share the quality of always wanting better with Ivan. For hobbies and especially photography, this can be beneficial for always working to improve yourself and your skills.

I can’t wait to continue meeting with Ivan every Sunday!



I also found a solution for my cold hands problem!


Thank the world for knitting!

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