Indepth Post #3

February 19th

My Indepth project is currently doing amazing! I have been taking time 1-2 times a week to go out and take photos. I went out for a few sunsets and pretty much just experimented with the skills I have learned so far. The most memorable shoot from the past two weeks was at a friends house, where we had a fire in the backyard. I did some research beforehand and it was amazing having the chance to apply the techniques I learned directly afterwards. Here is one of my favourite shots,


One of the resources I used:


For this meeting Ivan and I decided to conduct our meeting along with the PDPC club meeting. This was my first time formally meeting with the club and it fantastic meeting so many other people who are also so passionate about photography. We arrived 30 minutes before the meeting began and I was introduced to many of the PDPC club members.


The meeting that night was with the amazing guest photographer, Adam Gibbs. Adam Gibbs is a world renowned landscape photographer who was giving a presentation showcasing his photos and talking about how he took them. Unbelievably lucky to me, the presentation he decided to give was on light in landscape photography.

Adam showcased many of award winning photographs and discussed the backstory behind them. In photography the story behind stunning photographs is my favourite part. An amazing shot becomes even more powerful for me when the photographer hiked 10 km at 5am to take it!


You can find him on YouTube by the link below:


I decided not to record this meeting as it was a more public event with many people talking. It would have been excessive to ask for everyone’s permission. However I did take the time to jog some mental notes down relating to ‘a Beautiful Mind’. One part of our conversation fit well with this weeks concepts of continuing conversation and asking for clarification.

I told Ivan my ideas for gear purchases I planned to make. (another lens, possibly a neutral density filter)

Ivan (in summary) : Why? Do you need it? You need to master the current gear you have  before you get more toys.

Adam : that makes sense. I still haven’t figured out everything I can with my camera at all..

Ivan : My point exactly. Buying more will simply make it harder for you going into the future.

Adam : So I should wait? For how long?

Ivan : Until you have mastered your current camera. It is just pointless buying more at the moment. I do have these accessories already. At our next meeting you may borrow them.

Adam : I guess there is no point in me buying them at all then. I look forward to that.


Before and after the meeting Ivan and I discussed the future of my inquiry. We are planning to go on many sunrise and sunset shoots around here and possibly further away from Vancouver’s light pollution. Me and Ivan have exchanged phone numbers and our future planning will be done through text.


Hopefully getting up at 4am to shoot some sunrises will be worth it!

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