Helena Letter to Theseus

Dear Theseus the Great,


Hello gracious lord Theseus, Duke of Athens. I am honored to have the chance to write you. I come into your inbox today to discuss vile Demetrius and his plans to run the great Hermia’s life. Demetrius may be a rich man, but he is not a worthy man. His deeds are powered by lust rather than love and Hermia does not love thy. Hermia loves Lysander and to disobey this is to disobey the will of the gods. They have been hit by Cupit’s arrow just as you and Hippolyta, to take this away would be as taking away your Hippolyta.


As her friend, I simply want to see Hermia as a happy married woman. To make Hermia happy is to allow her to marry Lysander.


Thank you for your time,




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