InDepth Post #2

Post #2

February 3rd


I have been working hard at my in depth project and although there have been a few setbacks, everything has been going well. Last Sunday I had my first meeting with Ivan Bowers, my mentor in photography this year. After emailing back and forth we set a date and followed through. We met for sunset at Old Orchard park and after some quick introductions we started taking photos. For our first time, Ivan simply wanted to gauge my skills. It was a very relaxing time for me, even with the constant criticisms and I learned way more than I was expecting to. Ivan really is an amazing photographer! One specific thing that I struggled with was choosing what to set the aperture and shutter speed for ‘regular’ photos. I have watched online tutorials explaining the settings for night photography and action shooting but I could not figure it out online. Ivan had the ability to look at a scene and adjust his shutter speed and aperture to take the perfect photo first try. I hope to possess this skill someday too. Our outing lasted an hour before the sun set but I can’t wait to get out with him again!


I have also given Ivan the information to acquire a criminal record check and he will have hopefully gotten one before our next meeting.


A gallery of Ivan’s photos


I also obtained permission to record our conversations, which I did with my phone. Here are some parts of them that reflect a Beautiful Mind, chapters 1 and 3. I was unable to find any situation where I did disagree with him. This is partly because I am new to the hobby and lack past knowledge.


Ivan = I

Adam = A



*Adam shooting a boardwalk scene*

I = Just me being nitpicky but make sure to support your lens

*Adam places other hand under lens

I = Yea just like that

*Ivan shows on his camera

I = holding it just keeps less pressure on the mount joints

A = Ah okay, so it’ll …. Keep my camera in better shape

I = Slightly yes



I = I’m just going to set this to A (aperture priority mode)

A = why not shutter priority? Don’t they both accomplish the same thing?


I = Not exactly — you can use aperture priority and shutter priority for different things. Like aperture priority let’s you create depth of field. They both keep the lighting the same but change other parts.


A = and you can use shutter priority for maybe like action stuff?


I = sure


On my own I have also been working hard in research and experimentation. I have been reading articles and watching videos about photography, particularly long exposure. Currently this is the most interesting part of photography to me and I love playing with it.


A few times this week I have walked around my neighborhood at night to work in low light situations. Around here this has been a challenge as it gets really cold and I struggle to take photos with regular gloves. I am working to solve this problem. Possibly with finger less gloves!


Here is one of the best long exposure photos that has came out of my photography walks! It took many tries get everything looking correct but I think it came out pretty good.

I can’t wait for my next meeting!


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