In-depth 2019 Introductory Post

For my Indepth project this year, I have chosen to focus on photography, specifically light manipulation. With my DSLR camera I hope to become adept at using shutter speed, aperture and ISO to create images with excellent and/or creative lighting. Light is applicable to all types of photography and is an essential skill for delving further into this hobby. For this project I hope to experiment with photos of sunrises, sunsets, fire, incandescent light, fluorescent light and maybe even some blacklight. For my project I am also hoping to purchase cheap studio lighting and gels in order to give myself a playground for learning. Having a consistent set up with the ability to manipulate colour and light tones will allow me to be far more creative. In my learning I am hoping to be mentored by a member of the PDPC, which is a local photography club.


By the end of this project I hope to not only be much improved at the manipulation of light but at photography in general. Throughout my project I will be keeping every photo taken and in the end I will take time to reflect upon my improvements and what still needs to be improved upon. For my final presentation at In-Depth night I will be showcasing my photos with a slideshow organized to different kinds of light and colour.


I can’t wait to get out, learn, and take more photos!

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