ZIP Blog Post #3

Take a moment to reflect on your inquiry plan (calendar). Do you need to make any revisions to your original plan? If so, why? If you haven’t made any changes to your plan, why do you feel you have been so successful in sticking to it?


January – 8th

Preliminary Research

January – 15th

Photo Planning

January – 18th

Taking and editing Photos

Throughout Exam Week


January – 28th


My original plan is shown above and it has been very effective for the most part. I set myself achievable goals with meetable deadlines and it has worked well. The only change I made was shortening the time for research. In the beginning I overestimated the amount of research I would need to do and set aside too much time. Although I could have performed more research it simply wouldn’t be reasonable for the time frame. Colour theory is a surprisingly deep field and photographic techniques are endless. For the time frame I feel like I have delved plenty deep enough to understand and apply my knowledge going forward. Finishing my research earlier also gives me more time for my presentation which significantly grown in work since I began. My original thought was to simply display photos but after realizing how little content this would give me I expanded my project to written texts as well.


The effectiveness of my original plan was mostly do to my full understanding of my project. I knew what I had to do and it was easy to set out goals to help me achieve the final goal. If I had not had the same vision for my final product the whole assignment would have been much more challenging and my calender less effective.

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