ZIP Proposal


How do authors portray mood and cast emotion onto readers through their works?

For my ZIP project this year I want to explore how creators place emotion and mood into their work. I would like to investigate colour psychology and investigate how different moods can be created with colour and feeling. For the past few months I have been interested in photography and I am planning my In-Depth around it as well. I am by no means a good photographer but I enjoy it and love improving. So far my learning in photography has been largely based on simply operating the camera and ZIP is a perfect opportunity to learn how to images that portray mood. By the end of this project I hope to improved greatly at incorporating mood into writing and photography through working with colour. For the photographic side of this assignment, I am lucky in TALONS as there are many talented photographers to ask for help. I may also get help from my In-Depth mentor.  Other resources that will be valuable for this project is the internet and the local library which has a good number of books on the subject

As a final presentation of my learning I will put together a paragraph and a series of images designed to enact a certain mood. This final artefact will combine all of my research and learning into an easy to understand presentation that hopefully has a the ability to make the readers feel a certain way.


My due dates for work is as follows


January – 8th

Preliminary Research

January – 15th

Photo and Paragraph Planning

Jan – 18th

Taking and editing Photos + Writing paragraphs

Exam Week


January – 28th


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