Why People Fail to Equip Others

We enjoy doing the work ourselves

In TALONS, hard work is praised and putting more time into projects comes in better results. Often this results in a ‘workaholic’ attitude toward school where far too much time is spent working rather than playing. I can personally relate to feeling bored and lazy when I am not doing any work. On weekends when there is nothing for me to do, I am left feeling unproductive and unhappy. This results in a lack of equipping people because we just enjoy doing the work ourselves and we love to work. In TALONS we need to develop this by trusting each other. If not, we will all attempt to do the work ourselves it will be utter chaos. For leadership we must delegate and share equity in our work, especially in planning events. If we attempt to plan an entire event alone than there will be mistakes and as many leaders we must delegate together to ensure the best result.

We underestimate people

TALONS is a gifted program with many incredibly gifted learners coming together in high school. Having an environment where gifted learners can work together is wonderful but for many students it is the first time learning in an environment with other gifted learners. TALONS encompasses all of SD43 and most learners come from different schools where they are accustomed to doing most of the work on group assignments. As a result from these situations, many new TALONS learners expect very little from their group members and underestimate their skills and abilities. This underestimation can result in a lack of equity on projects and is something that all of us as TALONS learners should learn to improve on by simply having faith in eachother. This law also relations to the fifth, We are in the habit of doing everything.

We receive ego strength from being needed

In TALONS we are all leaders and we are all learning leadership together. This ends up being challenging as we are all at the same stage and there is no clear boundary giving us power over the others. This can lead to an unhealthy competition between learners as we all want to be the better leader. Why do we want to be the best leader? Because we receive ego strength from being needed and contributing the most. This is fine for many aspects but this strength can make us egotistical and like all things leadership needs balance. Having one person lead all the time takes away the whole leadership aspect from the TALONS program as only one person is actually developing the skills. Overall as TALONS we can apply the opposite of this by recognizing each other’s skills and taking turns in leadership positions.

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