The Golden Compass Novel Study Scene 1

I was slightly disappointed in Lyra’s actions when her best friend Roger went missing. At first Lyra searches for him and she “felt afraid” when she initially couldn’t find him but rather than continuing to search, Lyra becomes preoccupied with her own matters and she ends up leaving Oxford without even saying a goodbye (pg 63). She tried her best, “screaming” and “shrieking at the top of [her] lungs” to no avail and then she gave up(pg 62). This made me begin to perceive Lyra as selfish. Rather than giving up an opportunity of her own to make sure Roger is okay, she pursued her own goals, leaving her friend in danger. From this we can infer that Lyra wants the best for herself and is willing to put others on the backburner to achieve her goals. From her rabid searching we can also infer that Lyra values her friendships dearly and fears losing them to a certain point. This will to protect her friends will go on to propel the future plot. I do not blame Lyra for her decision. Lyra was put into a quandary of internal conflicts. She could pursue her own objective or sacrifice her wants for the good of another person. I have been in a similar situation with English homework, where I will hold off on helping others peer edit to complete my own assignments. If I were in Lyra’s shoes I would have made the same decision and I would have continued in stride to find another way to save Roger.

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