Dad is Dying

My Dad is Dying Part C

Lying is bad, but in what situations does it become acceptable? To save a marriage? To bring together a community? In the story Dad is Dying, we see a perfect example of when lying becomes reasonable and when it can have positive effects. At the beginning of the story it is obvious that Morley and Dave are having struggles. Morley is overly stressed and busy. She has no time for herself, her garden or her family. Dave is no better and has ‘begun to feel listless”. From some research we can find that Morley’s prolonged period of stress and Dave’s boredom in life are common symptoms of divorce and depression.  Sam’s family isn’t heading in a good direction and this reverses by the end of the story, all due to his lie. Although lying is wrong and the lie was extremely disrespectful, by the end of the book the positives outweigh the negatives. By the last page Sam’s parents are much happier than they were in the beginning. Morley was “laughing for the first time in months” and Dave is barbecuing and interacting with his neighbors for the first time in years. Sam’s lie brought happiness to his parents lives and brought the entire community into a much closer bond.




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