Digital Footprint Assignment

2. a)

In the future, as the use of technology in all aspects of our world increases, having a positive digital footprint becomes more and more necessary. Having a negative footprint can take jobs or internships away from you, with employers doing background checks online. Having a negative digital footprint can also change the way people think of you as a person. This can include family, friends or other relationships where other people can think less of you as a person.

2. b)

The number one step you can take to keep your Digital Footprint positive, is to THINK before posting or sending anything online. THINK stands for a number of steps you should take before posting which are: Is it true?, Is it hurtful?, Is it illegal?, Is it necessary?, Is it kind? Another step you can take is to ask yourself if you could find the content embarrassing in any way in your future. A final step you can take is to keep a positive footprint, is to keep all personal information off the internet, and keep all of your social medias private, so strangers can’t find anything personal about you.

2. c)

If I could go back in time and if I had the opportunity to change my online actions I wouldn’t. From a very young age I had been educated about online safety from my digitally literate siblings and parents. If I had to give advice about technology to my younger self, I would tell little me to branch out and try to find a way to make all the time I spent online useful. An idea of this is an online community where I could participate and be a useful member of the society. I would explain this to my younger self by mentioning what I wanted, which at the time was money for Pokemon cards.




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