Career Ed Biochemical Engineer Education Research Project

Adam Crespi                                                                                                                                  10/15

Biochemical Engineer 

*Tuition costs are only for the masters program years, all discussed masters programs have prerequisites that require more time in university



Local = UBC – Masters Program

Prereq – You should have taken an introductory Biochemistry course, an introductory Biochemistry laboratory course, and at least two advanced Biochemistry courses.

At the minimum, you should hold or be in the process of completing a four year science Bachelors of science


$5650 a year ($22,600 – $33,900 total)


Optional coop for an extra 12-15 months of lab experience

Graduate Programs

Extra courses as apart of the masters program

Thesis and thesis defence

Must be in the process (or finished) completing a bachelors science



4-6 years

Finishing a bachelors of science and completing the 2 year masters program

Can be done somewhat simultaneously

Thesis development and preparation to defend


31st ranked worldwide according to

2nd in Canada


Outside BC, Inside Canada = Mcgill University Masters Program


Students are encouraged to provide documentation at the time they apply to demonstrate that they have completed previous course work equivalent to McGill’s BIOC 450 (Protein Structure and Function) and BIOC 454 (Nucleic Acids)

-1-2 years to complete these prerequisites


$7400 a year ($29,600 – $37,000 total)

Structure (coop)

No Coop options

Optional fast tracking into a PHD of biochemistry

Graduate Program

45 credits for masters degree

39 thesis courses

6 other optional courses

3 years total


One year of seminar attendance is required

Students interested in promoting (fast-track) to the Ph.D. program present the Junior Seminar to the Department in second year

M.Sc. degree is to be completed by the end of year 3

Oral thesis presentation


43rd best biochemistry program worldwide

3rd best in Canada for biochemistry

Worldwide = Cambridge Mphil Certification in Biological Science

And Cambridge Masters Program



-must already have a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry or a related field


must be undergoing an undergraduate degree


$47125.54 a year (international student cost/tuition) ($47,125 – $94,251 total)



-Students work in a research group supervised by a director

-No examined course work

-Students write a dissertation which is then presented orally

-No grades, only pass or fail


-course work, project work, project dissertations

-only 24 students admitted a year

Graduate Program


-Must have already undergone a UK Honours degree, which is equivalent to a Canadian Bachelors


-Must be currently studying for an undergraduate degree in a related field (bio, genetics, chem, physics) at Cambridge

-they seek wide variety of skills



2 years if taken part time

1 year if taken full time


Taken while undergoing undergraduate degree

3-5 years


6th best school for biochemistry worldwide


Licensing by a provincial organization to practise as a Professional Engineer – 

$1000 plus $400 annually

To become registered as a professional engineer or to obtain a Non-Resident Licence, you must demonstrate that you have a minimum of 4 years of satisfactory engineering work experience. At least one of these years must be gained in a Canadian Environment. If you gain experience in a different discipline from your academic degree, you will need to undergo an academic review and possible interview and/or examinations.


Career Ed 10

Adam Crespi 10/07

Job Biochemist Biochemical Engineer Climate Change Researcher
Education A bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biochemistry or a related discipline is required.
A master’s or doctoral degree is usually required for employment as a research chemist.
A bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or in a related engineering discipline is required.
A master’s degree or doctorate in a related engineering discipline may be required.
Licensing by a provincial organization to practise as a Professional Engineer
Engineers are eligible for registration following graduation from an accredited educational program, and after three or four years of supervised work experience in engineering and passing a professional practice examination.
A bachelor’s degree in a related discipline is required.
A master’s degree or doctorate in a related discipline is usually required.
$ $30k – $139k $64k – $181k $50k – $130k
Hours -9-5 standard work schedule

-sometimes field work // trips and different hours

-9-5 standard work schedule 


-9-5 standard work schedule for researchers who work in labs or offices

-field work can be far more adventurous (multi-week long trips for gathering data)

-hours can also vary if teaching others

Independance -Work in small teams

-work with other fields

-work towards research goal

-work in small teams

-work towards creating new substances and benefitting large companies/society

-work for governments

-investigating assigned projects 

-possibility to work in small teams

Tasks -Working in laboratories

-conduct research to benefit large companies (often medical)

-conduct cutting edge research

-office work in conducting and compiling research and reports

-Biochemical engineers research, develop, document, and produce chemical-based products to be used by companies and society at large. The products created can be for various purposes, such as agricultural, food, commercial, cleaning, and more. 
-These engineers often complete design work, which includes doing studies, to create a new product. 
-Working in laboratories and conducting research

-collecting data and information in the field

-monitoring weather and geographic factors

-investigating factors of climate change

Stability -Expected to rise by 500 jobs a year

-Always new discoveries to be made

-expected to rise by 200 jobs a year

-many new discoveries to be made

-in no danger of being replaced by robots

-currently rising by approx 1200 jobs a year

-it is unclear if this will continue to grow 

-not a very stable career choice



Hamilton DOL #1, The Reynolds Pamphlet

Adam Crespi

June 8th

Song – “The Reynolds Pamphlet”


Song #14 of act two in Hamilton the Musical, “”The Reynolds Pamphlet” by Lin-Manuel Miranda revolves around Hamilton’s scandalous affair with Maria Reynolds and the unique way Hamilton chose to address the problem. From the previous song “Hurricane” we learn that Hamilton is facing the backlash of an affair he is currently upholding with Maria Reynolds, the wife of James Reynolds. For almost a year Hamilton held an illicit relationship with Maria, paying off James to avoid the public finding out. In “The Reynolds Pamphlet”, Hamilton makes a rash decision to expose himself to the public by publishing a 95 page pamphlet outlining his affair and the reasoning behind it. The song revolves around the public’s reaction to Hamilton’s decision and how it affects his life.

Hamilton understands that for the first time in his professional life the public view of him will change from a positive one to a negative one and this scares him. Hamilton is aware of how his actions will be viewed in the future from the song “History Has its Eyes on You”, where Washington informs him of his own mistakes. As an individual who values how history sees him and the legacy he leaves, Hamilton is terrified by the thought that all he has done for America could be nullified in the public view because of this affair. This is our first glimpse into how much value Hamilton assigns the legacy he leaves and how strong his desire for a positive historical impact is.

In an attempt to combat this, Hamilton utilizes the most valuable skill he possesses, his ability to produce persuasive pieces of writing. The only reason Hamilton originally immigrated to New York was due to the wonderful piece of writing he crafted in Nevis and he hopes for a similar miracle. Hamiltons amazing skills of literature could not write him out of this situation and although the 95 page pamphlet was well constructed, there was no way a positive spin could have been put on the acts he committed. He attempted to perpetuate the idea that it was all extortion but in being honest Hamilton admitted,


*on James Reynolds

“My real crime is an amorous connection with his wife, for a considerable time with his privity and connivance, if not originally brought on by a combination between the husband and wife with the design to extort money from me.”


The public saw through this and attacked him, asking the question “You ever see somebody ruin their own life?” Understandably, few Americans took Hamilton’s side and most pitied “his poor wife”.

The Schuyler sister, Angelica, also has lines in “The Reynolds Pamphlet” discussing her obvious disdain for how Hamilton treated his sister Eliza. Angelica states that “[she] loves [her] sister more than anything in this life” which has obvious repercussions to her previous positive view of Hamilton. Angelica wants her sister to be happy and feels that Hamilton interrupts this from happening

Hamilton’s political enemies also rejoiced at the publication of the Reynolds Pamphlet. Due to Hamilton no longer being viewed with respect there was no worry of him becoming president. This is stated twice in the song.

“That’s one less thing to worry about

That’s one less thing to worry about”

Hamilton’s ruined reputation meant political success for others as Hamilton was essentially out of the political picture. He had “ruined his own life” in the eyes of the entire country, proving untrustworthy and admitting it publically to be judged by the whole world.

Hamilton’s worst nightmare of a tainted and negative legacy begins to form in The Reynolds Pamphlet”, creating a political situation where he was no longer seen in a positive way by history.



“The Reynolds Pamphlet” has great connection to the socials curriculum concept that “disparities in power alter the balance of relationships between individuals and between societies”. The entire Hamilton-Reynolds scandal is driven by power disparities and the effect on America has been revolutionary. Although Hamilton is far more powerful than James Reynolds politically, James holds the power and thus manipulates Hamilton into providing him with large sums of money. This disparity of power defies the standard societal hierarchy and relates to similar to principles as the American Revolution. This will be further discussed in paragraph C.

Another interesting impact power disparities have on these events is Hamilton’s attempt to use writing for his advantage. Hamiltons talent for writing is a gift that few other Americans possess, giving him power and the ability to influence others with his writing. This power over others was what originally made Hamilton stand out and essentially rise in American politics and altered almost every one of his relationships. A great example of this were his love letters to Eliza where he enticed her with his extraordinary use of language.

The Reynolds Pamphlet was an unsuccessful attempt of Hamiltons in using this power. Citizens and readers of the pamphlet saw directly through his pretty words and rhetoric. This attempted deception added to the anger directed towards Hamilton. Citizens understood that Alexander Hamilton had a torrid affair” even when he attempted to excuse his actions with fanciful writing.

From examining the lyrics of Hamilton’s “The Reynolds Pamphlet” we can also determine what the American people of the time valued and sought as valuable traits for a leader. From the indecencies he has committed and how the public believes he should lose his chance at presidency because of this, we can infer that citizens value honesty and loyalty in a leader. When Hamilton publishes the Reynolds Pamphlet he no longer holds these traits and the Americans no longer see him as fit for leadership.



Although “The Reynolds Pamphlettook place after the American Revolution has ended there any many ongoing effects and similarities to the American separation from the British Empire. Multiple lines throughout the song outlines how the American Revolution affected the lives and privileges of those involved.

Line #1

You could never be satisfied

God, I hope you’re satisfied

You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind

From Hamilton’s illicit actions that incited the Reynolds Scandal and Angelica’s reaction in the lyrics above, we can understand that Hamilton is not easily satisfied, even in relationships where he gets trust, kindness and from Eliza especially, money. Eliza is an extremely rich Scheluyer sister and although this is not the only reason Hamilton marries her, it certainly plays a part. After marrying Eliza, Hamilton possesses old money and now has power at his disposal, which he uses to rise socially and politically in the American government. Similar to how the 13 Colonies established themselves in a new continent with British help, Hamilton established himself in American politics with Eliza’s help and guidance. After Hamilton has built himself a strong political base, he no longer needs Eliza and she now stands in the way of Hamilton furthering his political career. After all Eliza has done for Hamilton, he is still not satisfied and dislikes how she wants him to spend more time with family. Because of this Hamilton no longer needs her and moves on to better things. This is exactly what the 13 Colonies felt to Britain and in turn what triggered the American Revolution. British settlers had founded the colonies, provided monetary, political and societal support and helped the development in the form of an investment. For the time and resources invested in the colony, the British expected a monetary payoff, just as Eliza expected Hamilton’s loyalty. Once the colonies were well enough off to support themselves, they felt as British taxes and laws were only hindering them, just as Hamilton thought of his wife Eliza. The American Revolution was fought between colonists and the British who essentially gave the colonists soil to live on. This also helps explain British anger with the colonies retaliatory actions against them. Would you want your child running away when you ask them to do the dishes?

This idea that power expectations changes overtime connects to the socials big idea discussed earlier and provides insight into how power affects relationships between individuals and nations alike.


Line #2

You ever see somebody ruin their own life?

The line “You ever see somebody ruin their own life”, sung by political rivals of Hamilton, is a great representation of how British citizens viewed the decision the 13 Colonies made to leave. To the British this was pure stupidity. The colonies had little to no chance of becoming rich economically and Britain was doing amazing things for them with military protection. The British saw the negative impact losing the 13 Colonies would have on them and worked hard to prevent separation. The British attempted to convince the 13 Colonies not to leave through violence and through persuasive words. The Americans are going to “ruin their own life” and why would the original creators of the colony desire that? Of course most Americans saw freedom as a wonderful thing and the wants and fears held by Americans vs British clashed heavily.

By comparing the British viewpoint to American ideas of freedom we can gather interesting insight into the American Revolution and how contrasting opinions create conflict. This is similar to how Hamilton disagreed with almost everyone who believed he committed horrible treason to his wife and the conflict created because of this.


Line #3

Well, he’s never gon’ be President now (never gon’ be President now)

Well, he’s never gon’ be President now (never gon’ be President now)

Well, he’s never gon’ be President now (never gon’ be President now)

That’s one less thing to worry about (that’s one less thing to worry about)

After the American revolution, the American people had to form a new government to keep order in their newly formed nation. However due to the unique social situation spread across 13 Colonies and the beliefs of the colonists, America did not want to be a monarchy. Monarchies simply do not work, proven multiple times throughout Europe and especially in England and France. To combat another revolution occurring, Americans decided to implement a representative democracy. In the beginning, members of each colony were elected by civilians and formed together with other colonies to form the continental congress. This congress would work together and decide on laws for themselves and the people of newly formed America. The power to vote was given to members of society that were thought of as “members of society”(1) at the time, rather than the British parliament at the time where all colonies and most people lacked any representation at all. This new American electoral system of democracy was revolutionary and led to more diversity of opinion in politics and provided a fair platform for ideologies and ideas to clash. This new system formed by the American Revolution and the platform it provides for politics gives Hamilton a political career and forces him to care for the public opinion of him, something never seen before in government. In “The Reynolds Pamphlet”, Hamilton throws any chance of being seen positively and thus any chance at being elected president by the people. Scandals like this had no effect on leaders elected by the divine right of kings and the publication of the Reynolds Pamphlet marks a new age in the governmental power of the people. Previously the citizens and parliaments had no power to dethrone a king over a small illicit crime but now, with an electoral system, any loss of face can cause a political career to end, just like Hamiltons. The line stating that “that’s one less thing to worry about” comes from Hamilton’s political rivals who are given space to thrive now that he is disliked by the public. Without the electoral system created as a result of the American Revolution political competition would be nonexistent and Hamilton would have never been able to become president in the first place.


To conclude, Hamilton’s “The Reynolds Pamphlet” was an invaluable showing of Alexander Hamilton’s personality traits, wants, fears and values. By examining “The Reynolds Pamphlet” we are exposed to in depth connections between the Hamilton -Reynolds scandal and the American Revolution, demonstrating how similar yet different history can be and reinforcing the age old saying, history repeats itself.


  1. In this time the only members of society considered “members of society” were white men. People of colour and women were not given the right to vote.


What lasting effects has the Battle of The Plains of Abraham had on Canada?

Adam Crespi

Independent Investigation

May 29th

Link to finished assignment : Adam Crespi Canada Investigation


1. In this sentence I purposely used the word ‘debated” while discussing the Beothuk genocide as it brings up an interesting discussion and bias on censorship of our history. In short summary, the Beothuk peoples were a First Nations group who inhabited the area around Newfoundland. The Beothuk had many interactions with Europeans and were used as slaves for almost a century after the first European landing. By the 1830’s the entire population and all of the Beothuk peoples were reduced to a single woman named Shanawdithit. All of the factors that caused the demise of the Beothuk peoples were caused directly by Europeans, particularly fisherman who forced Beothuk people off the shore inland, where thousands died of starvation. It only got worse for the Beothuk after this as they were then

“systematically hunted with the intent to eradicate all of them from the island” (1)

The Europeans hunted and killed Beothuk people to reduce any competition they had on the island on Newfoundland.

The fact that I have never heard of such atrocities committed by Canada and the lack of information on this subject online,  brings up an interesting question ; What else is the Canadian government attempting to keep quiet about our history? If they are at all. It is understandable that bias intending to keep a global view of Canada positive, affects the availability of this information but it is unacceptable that we are not discussing and looking to apologize for the wrongdoings done on First Nations peoples throughout Canadian history.


Ecological Footprint

Adam Crespi Environmental Science 9 April 20th, 2019


The Plan

From completing the ecological footprint sheet I discovered my ecological footprint was 3.362 hectares. I was immediately happy with this result as it was extremely low compared to my peers who averaged around 6-7 hectares. Natasha got 6.5, Grace got 5.4, and Joon got 7.89 hectares. Because of how much lower mine actually was, I became doubtful and by double checking my numbers I realized that I inputted the wrong number on the square meterage of my house which threw off the total greatly. After recalculating I came to the new number of 5.62 hectares which seems far more realistic to my life.


10 of the largest contributors to my footprint are :

-eating large amounts of meat

-long showers

-private vehicular travel

-washing clothing

-pre-packaged items and trash

-reduce the usage of packaged items

-sports fields for physical activity

-non local food

-ratio of living space size to people

-spending money


Five improvements I hope to make for the maximum reduction of my ecological footprint are: reducing water usage, eating less meat, reducing garbage, reducing vehicle emissions, and buying locally grown food.


  1. Reducing Water Use
    1. The first step I will take to reduce my ecological footprint, will be to reduce my water use. A bad habit of mine is showering for longer periods of time as I enjoy relaxing after a long day and this can end up wasting valuable water. To reduce this impact I will slowly decrease the length of my showers until they are under two minutes. As the average American shower uses 7.9 liters per minute, I will end up saving around 25 liters of water which would save money and help conserve water (1).
    2. Another step I will take to reduce my water use is to only run the dishwasher or washing machine when it is completely full. Only running these machines when they are full will allow me to simply run it less and save water. I have never really put thought into this and I hope that making a conscious effort will reduce my household water usage.


2. Eating Less Meat

  1. Another step I will take to reduce my ecological footprint will be to limit the amount of meat I consume on a daily basis. As my family is Italian, we tend to eat a lot of meat every day. For almost every dinner the main dish is or contains meat and this adds up overtime, resulting in detrimental effects on the environment and a lot of money being spent. By simply talking to my family and replacing meat dishes with vegetables or other sources of protein one or two nights a week, I will be saving money and helping the environment.


3. Reducing Garbage and Waste

  1. Another step that will be extremely beneficial in reducing my environmental footprint is to purchase less individually packaged items and minimize the amount of trash I produce. This will be done at the supermarket and in everyday purchases where I will choose to buy bulk containers rather than individual packages. Minimizing the amount of trash my family and I output is a straightforward and simple way of reducing our contributions to landfills and global pollution.


4. Reducing Vehicle Emissions

  1. Everyday motor vehicle emissions add up and become a large detriment to our planet’s health. I will take a step in reducing this part of my ecological footprint by using public transit services more often and making a stronger effort to carpool with friends. By taking transit more often and carpooling I will be limiting the greenhouse gas emissions created by private vehicles that often only carry one or two people. Having more people on the bus in or the car is more fuel efficient and saves money as well as doing a small part to reduce my ecological footprint. If the weather agrees I will also attempt to bike and walk more to get from destination to destination.


5. Reducing Food Impact

  1. The last step I will take to reduce my ecological footprint will be to work on buying food locally. By buying food grown outside of North America, I am increasing my ecological footprint because of the large amount of greenhouse gases and pollution released from constant international transport. Although these foreign groceries may sometimes be cheaper and available all year-round, the costs certainly outweigh the benefits (2). To buy more local food I hope to shop more at local farmers markets or search for locally grown items at the grocery store.


In the coming weeks I hope to implement all of these steps into my daily life to of reduce my ecological footprint. These steps are everyday things that are easy for me to change and although the impact may not be great alone, if everybody were to try this for themselves our world could be a much more enjoyable place. I am happy to play any miniscule part in diminishing the harmful impact humans are creating on our earth.





The Reflection

April 12th

After implementing these changes throughout the past few weeks I have found a good deal of success. The easiest change I made  was simply bussing more and getting fewer rides in private vehicles. I actually found it enjoyable to take public transit more often as it allows me to play with the freedom I have getting older and to simply relax on longer rides. In the pleasant weather we have had for the past week especially, I have been walking and biking to get from destination to destination.

Another easy change for me to make was to reducing the length of my showers. The difficulty of this surprised me as I assumed it would be one of the most difficult changes to make. This was not the case and by easily setting a timer on my phone outside of the shower, I managed to get the length of my showers down to 4 minutes which is a great improvement. I believe this was easy for me as I realized how much time I was actually wasting in the shower.


A more difficult change for me to make was reducing my garbage and waste. Although I found some success in buying fewer pre packaged goods, it was a challenge as I do not purchase most of my families food. In the past few weeks I have been especially busy and this hasn’t left me any time to shop with my mother to buy groceries. I did speak to her about reducing our footprint but the result could have been greater if I was there. Other than this it was successful. Related to this, buying more local foods was also difficult. Due to my busy schedule I was unable to go grocery shopping with my mother and work towards eating more locally grown food for my entire family.

I also struggled in reducing the amount of meat I consume, as it has become such an intrinsic part of my diet. I am so used to eating meat with every meal that it has become habit and although I improved slightly, I could have put far more effort into reducing the amount of meat I consume and breaking the habit.


Throughout the process of making these improvements I ran into a few small obstacles but none of which made much of an impact. One impediment that kept showing up was forgetfulness of my new habits. Over the past three weeks there have been quite a few times where I have simply forgotten to hold off on running the washing machine or to not purchase an item of food with extensive packaging. Because I have only been working on this for a few weeks it has not all been cemented into my brain. I am sure that I will improve on this in time.

Overall, the greatest obstacle I found myself faced with was simply an absence of time to take on the larger improvements. For most improvements I was attempting to make there were simple and small tasks to complete but for the larger improvements, such as changing my diet, were much more challenging and time consuming. I often found myself in situations where it was far easier to make the non-eco friendly choice and I had to put in the extra effort to help the environment. I believe that putting in extra effort to be eco-friendly is something that drives many people away from the idea.


In the future I hope to continue applying these techniques I have learned as they have resulted in reducing my ecological footprint and other unexpected benefits. In the past three weeks I have spent significantly less money on a daily basis, wasted less time in the shower, and gotten more exercise walking. Although I may not apply all these steps on a daily basis going forward, I now have a more informed view on issues affecting my ecological footprint and how I can reduce it with small, everyday decisions.