Introductory Eminent Post

The past is to be respected and acknowledged, but not to be worshipped. It is our future in which we will find our greatness

For 15 years Pierre Trudeau was the prime minister of this country. Some loved him and some hated him but the impact he left on Canada and the world is undisputedly good.

I chose Pierre Trudeau as my eminent person this year largely because of his son, Justin Trudeau who is our current prime minister. For the first time in Canadian history a father and son have both become our leader. What about the Trudeaus made them such good politicians? This is one question I hope to answer while researching my person.

Me Pierre Trudeau
West Coast Canadian French Canadian
Atheist Catholic
Educationally Centred Educationally Centred
Career in Science Career in Law
Middle Class Upper Middle Class


Pierre Trudeau likely passed on some of his remarkable skills that helped him achieve eminence as Canada’s 3rd longest serving prime minister. A politician’s job is to deal with people and this is exactly what Pierre excelled at. From all his years of travel and exploration worldwide, Pierre developed extraordinary social skills that were beneficial for a career as a public leader. The Globe and Mail put it better than I ever could in a memorial after his death.

“Mr. Trudeau was different. He hated to compromise. He refused to be mealy-mouthed. He loved to swim against the tide. He had a vision of Canada and he stuck to it. In his dreams, he saw a Canada where everyone is equal under the law, where no one need suffer hatred or discrimination, where no group is above another. It was a wonderful dream and he fought for it to his last breath. Canadians for generations will honour him for it.” 

-The Globe and Mail, Sept 29, 2000

This quote summarizes quite well what I aspire to learn from Trudeau. His pure determination, bravery and selflessness are all things that I admire and one day hope to have in common with him.

Many of Pierre’s talents also relate to my own goals in TALONS. I admire his supreme social and leadership skills. Pierre Trudeau had an uncanny ability to inspire hope inside people and I desire to develop some of these leadership skills that made him such an excellent politician through my years in TALONS.

The largest barrier that does stand between Pierre and me is the different parts of Canada we were raised in. Pierre was raised in Quebec at a time of separatism and held the beliefs that Quebec should leave Canada.Image result for collège jean-de-brébeuf It was only in the midpoint of his career when he changed his mind and began to push for a “single” Canada. Being a British Columbian, I will definitely struggle with seeing from the separatist point of view as I have never been to Quebec and have almost no understanding of the Quebecois culture. Throughout this project I hope to overcome this by making an effort to read QuebecScreen Shot 2018-10-15 at 6.38.14 PM separatist forums to understand another way of thinking.


Pierre Trudeau was a Canadian politician, and an excellent one at that. Without his contributions, Canada would be missing many of the aspects that are such a key part of our international reputation. As the Minister of Justice, Pierre decriminalized homosexuality, legalized contraception and abortion, and introduced new gun safety laws. These things were unseen in the world and Canada acted as a flagship for many of these revolutionary ideas.

Image result for pierre trudeau and fidel castro

Once he became Prime Minister, the changes he made became much more drastic. As Prime Minister, he dealt with international politics, developed Canada as a bilingual nation and made Canada a friend to as many countries as possible. Trudeau even managed to become friends with Fidel Castro, the Cuban communist dictator. Pierre Trudeau made Canada a role model for other nations across the world for human rights, LGTBQ+ acceptance, immigration and unity as a country.

In accomplishing these feats, Pierre ran into many quandaries as the result of politics. One of the most notable of these was the October Crisis where he put an end to a terrorist group in Quebec by enacting the War Measures act, which gave police far more power than usual. Many Canadians disliked having rights temporally stripped from them and this further fueled the love-hate view of Trudeau.

The love-hate view Canada had of Trudeau is partly what made him so special compared to other politicians of his time. No prime minister in Canadian history has been so loved yet so hated at the same time. Trudeau is special simply because he did what he believed was right. Politicians are generally known for trying to appeal to their voters desires but Pierre did little of this. In my opinion, actually caring about our country over voting approval ratings, is something that desperately needs to be brought back into Canadian politics.

The largest piece of wisdom that can be taken away for Pierre Trudeau is a quote of his which should be used by all politicians going into the future.

 A man who tries to please all men by weakening his position or compromising his beliefs, in the end has neither position nor beliefs


My next goal for this project is to hopefully interview my grandparents. My grandparents have a unique view on Pierre that captures the public’s opinion of him very well. My grandma loved Trudeau and heavily supported him while my grandpa was the opposite and despised him. Understanding why people has such differing opinions of him would be very useful in further understanding the legacy of Pierre Trudeau.


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The Golden Compass Novel Study Scene 1

I was slightly disappointed in Lyra’s actions when her best friend Roger went missing. At first Lyra searches for him and she “felt afraid” when she initially couldn’t find him but rather than continuing to search, Lyra becomes preoccupied with her own matters and she ends up leaving Oxford without even saying a goodbye (pg 63). She tried her best, “screaming” and “shrieking at the top of [her] lungs” to no avail and then she gave up(pg 62). This made me begin to perceive Lyra as selfish. Rather than giving up an opportunity of her own to make sure Roger is okay, she pursued her own goals, leaving her friend in danger. From this we can infer that Lyra wants the best for herself and is willing to put others on the backburner to achieve her goals. From her rabid searching we can also infer that Lyra values her friendships dearly and fears losing them to a certain point. This will to protect her friends will go on to propel the future plot. I do not blame Lyra for her decision. Lyra was put into a quandary of internal conflicts. She could pursue her own objective or sacrifice her wants for the good of another person. I have been in a similar situation with English homework, where I will hold off on helping others peer edit to complete my own assignments. If I were in Lyra’s shoes I would have made the same decision and I would have continued in stride to find another way to save Roger.

Dad is Dying

My Dad is Dying Part C

Lying is bad, but in what situations does it become acceptable? To save a marriage? To bring together a community? In the story Dad is Dying, we see a perfect example of when lying becomes reasonable and when it can have positive effects. At the beginning of the story it is obvious that Morley and Dave are having struggles. Morley is overly stressed and busy. She has no time for herself, her garden or her family. Dave is no better and has ‘begun to feel listless”. From some research we can find that Morley’s prolonged period of stress and Dave’s boredom in life are common symptoms of divorce and depression.  Sam’s family isn’t heading in a good direction and this reverses by the end of the story, all due to his lie. Although lying is wrong and the lie was extremely disrespectful, by the end of the book the positives outweigh the negatives. By the last page Sam’s parents are much happier than they were in the beginning. Morley was “laughing for the first time in months” and Dave is barbecuing and interacting with his neighbors for the first time in years. Sam’s lie brought happiness to his parents lives and brought the entire community into a much closer bond.




Aspects of Alex

Although he may not be the smartest, Alex would be the best fit for me on a camping trip. The values Alex holds would simply make hiking and camping with him enjoyable. He’s comfortable outdoors, honest, and would allow me to relax and forget about the stresses of school. With such a passion for basketball, it doesn’t seem Alex values school in the same way I do. He says “I love basketball. It’s the most important thing in my life”. Alex also states that his future occupation choice is a basketball player, meaning that he is planning on not entering academia. For me this is a big win, I love talking and discussing things other than school, especially on hikes. A camping trip is a way for me to relax and forget about problems and I feel like Alex would help me achieve this goal. Unlike some of the other options, Alex is extremely comfortable outside. All Alex likes to do outside of school is play ball, while all Chris likes to do outside of school is to browse the internet. Dana also says “music is my life”. On a camping trip, the internet and music will not always be available, therefore Chris and Dana will be pushed outside of their comfort zone. A roommate who is outside of their comfort zone is going to be more stressed and less fun to be around. Overall, Alex would be the best roommate for me. The combination of him being non studious, honest, and comfortable outdoors makes him a perfect roommate for me on a camping trip.

Digital Footprint Assignment

2. a)

In the future, as the use of technology in all aspects of our world increases, having a positive digital footprint becomes more and more necessary. Having a negative footprint can take jobs or internships away from you, with employers doing background checks online. Having a negative digital footprint can also change the way people think of you as a person. This can include family, friends or other relationships where other people can think less of you as a person.

2. b)

The number one step you can take to keep your Digital Footprint positive, is to THINK before posting or sending anything online. THINK stands for a number of steps you should take before posting which are: Is it true?, Is it hurtful?, Is it illegal?, Is it necessary?, Is it kind? Another step you can take is to ask yourself if you could find the content embarrassing in any way in your future. A final step you can take is to keep a positive footprint, is to keep all personal information off the internet, and keep all of your social medias private, so strangers can’t find anything personal about you.

2. c)

If I could go back in time and if I had the opportunity to change my online actions I wouldn’t. From a very young age I had been educated about online safety from my digitally literate siblings and parents. If I had to give advice about technology to my younger self, I would tell little me to branch out and try to find a way to make all the time I spent online useful. An idea of this is an online community where I could participate and be a useful member of the society. I would explain this to my younger self by mentioning what I wanted, which at the time was money for Pokemon cards.